Have you saved a life before?

When you adopt from Tails of Rescue (TOR), you don’t save just one life-or two-three lives are saved. Not only are you saving your animal, but you’re opening up space for us to take in another animal from a kill shelter, plus you are opening a space for another animals to have a kennel at a shelter.

In our community and around the nation, there is a pet overpopulation problem, which means that homeless pets are killed just because they don’t have a family. By adopting, you are helping solve this problem!

Second chance at life

Animals end up homeless for a variety of reasons. Some were born on the street and never had a home to begin with. Others were displaced when families face personal or financial hardship.

Regardless where they come from, when homeless cats and dogs come to Tails of Rescue (TOR), it is the start of their second chance at life. From the moment a cat or dog comes through our doors, his/her needs come first. A team of dedicated volunteers tend to their medical and emotional needs, with all eyes focused on the end game: a loving family for life.