Broken Wings

Pets with broken wings are our special needs animals. Special needs pets may have different forms of disabilities, which require for that special someone who’s willing to invest a little more energy, love and time.

Some of our special needs animals are simply old or sick and some have had to suffer through experiences that make it a little harder for them to be adopted.

Most of them suffer from one or more of the below:

  • a physical disability or a chronic terminal disease
  • be recovering from a serious injury
  • be elderly and/or requires hospice care at home
  • have emotional and/or behavioral problems

We believe that every life deserves a second chance.

T very shy abuse case.  Not all abuse is just physical. This happy girl was 17lbs at 7-8 months old when we received her. She is healthy happy and when she gets to know you she bonds super close.  Would do best in a home without small kids and likes to be a home body.