Golden Paws

“Golden Paws” is to address the heartbreaking plight of older animals who find themselves homeless in an animal shelter.

Many animals are abandoned in their senior years because their caretakers don’t want to take responsibility for the extra care required as part of the natural aging process. In other cases, a well-loved senior may become homeless when their senior person enters assisted living, and there is no place else to go. Some seniors are rescued from a lifetime of abusive or neglectful situations with, finally, a chance enjoy life in their last few years.

Golden Paws hopes to create happy endings for companion animals in these circumstances.

Adoption fees for Golden Paws kids are $75-150, yes they are fully vetted.

Honey was in her home from the age of 6 weeks old until a few weeks ago. She is almost nine years old. Her dad passed away and her mom could not keep her due to having to move in with her children.

Honey needs a lap and a person who wants a dog around a lot of the time. She is insecure right now, but does settle in well. She LOVES men and gets super excited when men are holding her. She was a single child and learning how to live with other dogs in the home. Walks well on a leash.

adoption fee is our golden paw fee of $75 she is fully vetted and current on shots